Output Record YES/NO status to a device in a booth.

I have a vocal booth with a single window for the teleprompter. I also have a computer with Audacity to record on that is outside of the booth. I use a joystick to toggle the record state on/off (allows for breaks and such) using the pause keyboard shortcut.

However, I is there a way (or can there be) such that I can tell if what the record state is (recording or not) without looking at the monitor (since I don’t have a window for that computer and don’t want it in the booth for reflection/noise purposes.

For example, could a light (or something) be hooked up via USB and it is on if recording and off if not? That way I can be sure that I am in the correct state.

The other alternative may be to add a second window and position the screen such that I can see it, but this wouldn’t be a direct.

Good to hear that you are taking so much care over your recording environment. I assume that you also intend to edit the recording?
So why not start the recording before you get into the recording booth. Even if it takes several minutes to get into the booth, that part can easily be edited out later.

Yup, I apply a series of Effects after recording (de-clicker, de-esser, noise reduction, noise gate, etc.). The audio sounds really professional in the end.

But I need to take breaks during recording. Sometimes I go in and of the booth. Sometimes I stay in but just take some deep breaths. Sometimes I just want to relax for a bit. These events can be removed, but will take extra time to process. So I would rather not deal with them at all and pause the recording instead. The joystick makes its really…except I don’t have feedback.

The other option might just be to output the screen to a very small (7" or so) screen that is in the booth. While I might get a bit of reflection, it probably won’t be too bad, and there isn’t any noise with that.

Hmmm, there are a variety of USB lights. Would it be possible to just power a given USB port on/off when recording/paused?

Or…what about an option for it to say continuously say “Paused” when recording has been paused.