Hope I am doing this right as this is my first attempt. Audacity that I am using is 2.0.6!?

I would like to run my recorded tracks through an outboard effects unit (ZOOM STUDIO 1201) and then back into a new track on audacity. Is this possible? If so, how do I do it?

Many thanks to anyone who can advise me.

If your soundcard has “line in” and “line out”, then it is very easy in principle. You just need leads to connect the line out from your sound card to the inputs of the Zoom, and from the outputs of the Zoom to the line inputs of your sound card. By default “overdub” is enabled (which needs to be on for this) - check that in the Transport menu. (“Software Playthrough” must be off - not selected). Then start recording.

If you are using a USB sound card that has a headphone socket, plug your headphone into the sound card headphone socket so that you can hear what you are doing. If your sound card does not have a headphone socket (as well as line out) then you will not be able to hear what you are doing, and you will be relying on watching the meters and a bit of trial and error.

A better way to do it would be to output from your computer into a mixing desk, and from the mixing desk back into the computer, and have the Zoom attached to the mixer in an effect loop. You would then be able to set your levels more easily and hear what you are doing by plugging your headphones/speakers into the mixer.

The problem comes if your computer sound card does not have line in / line out, as is the case for many laptops which only have a “microphone” input and not a stereo line in. A mic input is not compatible with the high level stereo signal from the Zoom, you need “line level” stereo. If this is the case, then you will need to upgrade you sound card.

Many thanks for the reply. At last I know that it is possible. Time to get a new sound card and/or mixer!