Out of Sync over time?

I was recording video(HD PVR) and Audio at the same time. I noticed while editing that at first the video audio are in sync but as the video goes on it’s less in sync. By the end of it the audio and video were sabout 8-12 seconds out of sync.

Any ideas what caused this issue and for this to not happen in the future. I have been able to solve this issue but I just don’t want it to occur again.

This problem has not occured on the dozens of times I have recorded done this.

Audio Drivers
Nvidia Virtual Audio Device (Wave Extension) (WDM)
Realtek High Defintion Audio

I am using Audacity 2.0.5. Windows 8.1 and I installed it using a .exe file.

Fee free to ask me questions

This typically happens with Separate Sound. It’s likely a hardware issue, but we know next to nothing about the hardware. Model numbers are good. Personal Video Recorder covers a lot of ground. What hardware captured the sound?


The HD PVR is hauppauge HD PVR 2 Gaming Edition.

PC is MSI Stealth:
2.35 GHZ
Model Number: GS70 20D

Audio was recorded seperately in Audacity (microphone)

I think I got it. You’re recording Game Commentary and the game video and the live microphone are drifting out of sync, but only recently.

It’s likely something is competing for machine resources. When the video people have this problem, it’s usually their hard drive is filling up. Do you like to leave Skype running in the background? That can skew performance. Did Windows decide to do an update in the middle of the show?