other ways of Removing Vocals?

2.4.2 windows 10 pro Is it possible to remove vocalsby using a track of just the vocals and the song with the vocals?

If the vocals are identical in both tracks, then yes.
If the vocals are almost identical, then no.

You would need to import both recordings into Audacity so that one track is above the other.
Then use the Time Shift Tool to align them precisely (to the exact sample position).
Then apply the “Invert” effect to the vocal only track.
The project will then play without the vocal provided that the vocal was identical in both and you have aligned them perfectly.

If either of the songs are MP3, you’re stuck. That usually messes up cancellation effects. MP3 changes around musical tones slightly to compress better into small files. So you don’t really have two songs with identical music or voice even though it may sound like it.