OSX Drag and Drop problems

Audacity 2.1.2
OSX 10.11.3

Have just updated to the latest Audacity and the drag and drop does not work.
(I’m not sure if it was working on previous versions)

If I open Audacity, and then attempt to drag an mp3 file from a finder window onto Audacity it shows up with a green cross indicating that it can be dropped but when you release the mouse button it bounces back to where it was dragged from.

If I drag an mp3 and hold over audacity, the green cross appears but after a couple of seconds the audacity window moves to the front and the green cross vanishes. If you release the button the mp3 bounces back to where it was dragged from.

If you use the File->Import Audio it works fine.
I can drag the mp3 onto VLC without problems.

Can anyone shed any light on this


It’s a bug and is noted in the 2.1.2 Release Notes. You can drag most files to the Audacity icon in /Applications or to the Audacity icon in the Dock.