OSX Compiling

Hi guys,

I’m having a horrifically hard time trying to compile under OSX through either the command line or XCode. I had the standard problem of pkg-config not being found and have corrected that, now I’m stuck with the same problem as described by the post https://forum.audacityteam.org/t/compiling-for-mac/7133/1 where the author has a problem with wx-config etc. I’ve used the build script posted in the next comment down, and so have 4 versions of wxMac floating around. (honestly ive built wxMac about 25 times today haha…)

wx is installed to /usr/local and so is accessible from the command line - its in my path, pkg-config is all sort (as long as i open XCode from the command line - env vars etc). I’ve patched the wxMac source before building also. From following that other post, I’m pretty much at the stage where wx is built and ready, and i must be doing something horribly wrong with the project settings to search for wxMac in xcode.

I’m so mind numbingly confused now… can anyone help?

latest audacity beta from svn
XCode 3.1.2


Please post the exact error output. Unless you really want to compile, you can get Nightly Builds from SVN.

Generally, it seems to be much easier to build a native version of Audacity than a Universal Binary (see the last post in the thread you cite).


Hi Gale,

Turns out I was just being stupid, i made sure everything was removed and started again…

I’m getting a problem with the build due to some macro business now, heres the error :

tests/Makefile.am:3: ENABLE_TEST_COVERAGE does not appear in AM_CONDITIONAL
tests/Makefile.am:178: LINUX_MINGW_CROSS_TEST does not appear in AM_CONDITIONAL
tests/Makefile.am:220: ENABLE_TEST_COVERAGE does not appear in AM_CONDITIONAL

thats under a static debug build

i see in the other post that you say to add a dirlist file to /usr/share/aclocal pointing to where the .m4 macros are for the pkg-config install, ive found my pkg-config installed to /opt/local and so have added /opt/local/share/aclocal to my dirlist file, yet im still getting these macro errors…

do you think it could be some version problems?

oh… totally skipped over that universal binary flag! looks like its from that due to the mention of mingw? rebuilding wx now…

nope, same errors…

Hi Nick,

I only compile on Windows and Linux and I don’t think anyone compiling on Mac regularly reads the Forum at the moment. If you need more help it may be better to subscribe to audacity-devel and ask there.


ah ok cheers, im already on it so will send out a mail later!