Orphaned Blocks

It is beyond me why this program deliberately chops pieces out of my track upon recovery, calling them “orphan blocks”…I have a radio show, “Shakehouse Circus Radio” (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CwgX-WbvsNI all that is left of hours and hours of recording done at the old Shakehouse, which burned in January) and we recently did a 1 and a half hour broadcast…the pc was inadvertently turned off before i mixed it, and as a result when i restarted audacity it went into recovery mode…upon recovery, however, there were entire blocks missing from the recording! I chalked this up to corruption and went immediately to C:DOCUME~1AdminLocal SettingsTempaudacity_temp and copy/pasted the temp file right into the directory, renaming it so that the program would recognise it as the folder for the source e00 folder…but when i opened the .aup, it told me it had found something like 97 orphaned blocks and of course i chose NOT to delete them and loaded the tracks, hoping 4 the best…what i got was EXACTLY the first error repeaded over again! Now obviously those orphaned blocks are the PIECES of my broadcast that are missing…my question is, how do I put the pieces of Humpty-Dumptey BACK TOGETHER AGAIN! PLEASE HELP, I have lost many many hours of SCR, I really dont wanna lose this broadcast!

How many hours? Audacity cannot save projects longer than 13.5 hours at 44100 Hz sample rate, and less at higher rates. See http://wiki.audacityteam.org/wiki/Release_Notes_2.0.2#Large_Projects .

Pasted into what directory? Into the directory for the saved project? Were you trying to save the project when you turned the computer off?

Orphaned block files are AU files that are in the project _data folder (or temp folder if you did not save a project) but not referenced in the AUP project file (or not referenced in the autosave file if you did not save a project).

From your description (assuming you had saved an AUP file) I would read it that the files in the temp folder are old/irrelevant and that you created the orphans by pasting them into the _data folder.

Did you see orphan block files messages or missing files messages before you added extra files?

To find out why blocks of audio were not in the recovered waveform I suggest you leave this project open at the moment. Attach the saved AUP file. If you had never saved an AUP file, attach the autosave file at C:Documents and SettingsApplication DataAudacityAutoSave. Attach both AUP and autosave file if you have both.

Please also attach the log file at Help > Show Log.

Here is how to attach files https://forum.audacityteam.org/t/how-to-attach-files-to-forum-posts/24026/1 .