Orphaned Block Files


I did a poetry recording (about 25 sessions of less than 3 minutes each) and although I see both my .aup file and .au files inside of my data folder, I’m still getting error messages that I have orphaned blocked files. I’ve spent hours researching on crash recovery, etc etc but can’t seem to find a solution. Is there anyway to reference the audio files from the project files?

I’m attaching my log. Please help!

I’m on a Mac OS 10.10.3 and using Audacity 2.06.

audacitylog.txt (74.7 KB)

Did your project crash or are you seeing the warnings about orphan block files when you open /Users/lisa/Music/savonclimatechange.aup normally?

Theoretically, orphan files are not part of the project according to the AUP file, and so their presence does not harm the project.

If you were opening the project normally I would choose the option to work around the orphans. Definitely do not delete them, just in case those orphan AU files happen to belong to another project. Listen to the audio in the project and if you are sure it is correct without any silent parts or parts in the wrong order, export the project to one or more audio files. If the takes are separate Audacity tracks, use Export Multiple.

When you are sure the exported audio is correct, you can delete /Users/lisa/Music/savonclimatechange.AUP and /Users/lisa/Music/savonclimatechange_data then File > New, import the exported files into an empty project then save that to a new name.