Orphaned Accounts

I create a file on one laptop…just a play list of songs I like, nicely mixed together. I save it on this same laptop. Then I upload it to a shared drive in my house. I go to my other laptop and try to open that from the shared drive. It opens but gives me a warning on ‘orphaned accounts’. Usually there is no issue but this time, I got a whack of silent segments in the songs. When I go back to the original laptop and open it locally, no issue.

Any idea why this occurs? Is there something lost when I move all the files to the shared drive?

In Audacity 2.4.2 and earlier, projects were saved in a two-part structure: an xyz.aup information file and an xyz_data directory containing tiny snippets of audio. If you copy such an .aup file to another drive you have all of the structure of the original project, but none of the audio.

Beginning in 3.0.0, projects are kept in a unitary xyz.aup3 database file structure. Now to copy data to another drive, all you have to do is copy the single .aup3 file.

Before you copy an audacity project, it is important to first save and close the project. Also, it is best to copy a project from a shared drive to a local project before opening in Audacity.

many tx…is 3.0 available free or is it one we must pay for?

Audacity is free (all official versions, though some scammers do attempt to sell it).