Orphan blocks are there (with sound) but canno open aup file

Hi there, I am running Audacity 2.3.3 on MacOS 10.14.6 Mojave - Audacity crashed and when I opened it again I could not open the .aup file it gave me this error: Warning - Orphan Block File(s) - Project check of “NAME OF PROJECT” folder found 488 orphan block file(s). These files are unused by this project, but might belong to other projects. They are doing no harm and are small. The funny thing is that I can see all the tiny .au files inside the folders and I can even open and listen to them with Audacity but they are in no order whatsoever… is there a way to save the .aup file or to place the bits in order? Thank you so much,

Audacity should give you the option to Continue without deleting. You can then examine the project and see if any audio is actually missing. Audacity maintains “unused” block files to support Undo, and these files may have been left there as a result of this. When the project crashed Audacity did not have a chance to delete them.
– Bill

Thank you Bill, yes Audacity gives me that option, but when I do, the file is empty… just a long line… :frowning: is there a way to ‘order’ the .au? I can hear that they have a content…

Sorry, but I think your project is toast. The AU files are assigned random filenames, and are written so quickly to disk that ordering them by time created doesn’t do any good.

– Bill