Orphan Block Files

This comes up every now and then, and I have no idea what it means.
Screen Shot 2020-10-04 at 9.11.00 PM.png

Does this help?

– Bill

Well…none of my projects are missing any data. In fact Audacity is doing everything I need it to. It’s really quite amazing. Smiles all around, everything works and sounds great. Things pop up on occasion, often it’s taken care of by restarting the computer.

Things pop up on occasion, often it’s taken care of by restarting the computer.

That’s an alarm bell. Computers aren’t supposed to need restarting occasionally to work right. You have something broken or unstable.

Do you keep super good, frequent backups? Are you on Time Machine? Automatic? Have you ever gone into Time Machine to rescue a file or folder? It’s good to know how to do that because the process isn’t exactly perfect.

I do manual Time Machines and I also make plain ordinary copies of the Mac “Users” folder on recommendation from one of the system administrators at work. That and I keep all my installers in a separate backed-up folder.

There was a poster who complained bitterly that Audacity crashed and destroyed one of his shows. Turned out his machine crashed all the time and this one time the desperation rescue also failed. Nothing we can do if it gets that bad.


Do you use iCloud or other cloud storage? Audacity doesn’t like those very much. You can shuffle files back and forth OK, but Audacity needs its drives to be local, perfect, and screaming fast. Cloud drives all have internet pathway decisions and connection speed problems.


Could malware be a possible cause?

Do you work with Audacity with multiple projects open at the same time ?


Hardly at all, very infrequently.

So, do you get orphan block files after you’ve been using mutiple open projects on those odd occasions ?


I’m going to have to document everything the next time it happens, so I don’t have to keep giving vague responses to these questions. My apologies.