Orphan Block Files

HELP!!! After doing some reading on this topic and bug 137, I unfortunately think I know the answer to this, but I’m hoping for a miracle! I’m almost completely done with this huge audiobook and when I went to open the Aup file, it was only the last 7 minutes and I got the “Warning 6440 Orphan Block Files” message that we know happens sometimes. I’m working in Windows 8 with the newest Audacity software. I did click on “continue w/o deleting” Is there anyway to recover or get these data files back into the Aup? I obviously can not manually string together that many files. HELP!! :frowning:

Look at Help > About Audacity… . Does it say 2.0.6? If not, you should get 2.0.6 from us at http://audacityteam.org/download/windows.

As for the problem, are you saying that all but the last seven minutes are silence? Are the last seven minutes on the same track? How long is the silent part and what is the project rate?

Do you have a WAV file that you exported as backup? If so you could import that to a new project.

Please attach the AUP file and the log from Help > Show Log… . Please see here for how to attach files: https://forum.audacityteam.org/t/how-to-attach-files-to-forum-posts/24026/1

If it’s a recording that you never edited, you can follow Recovering crashes manually to sort the AU files by time, rename them, then recover WAV files from sets of about 1000 AU files. If you were editing the project, then the AUP file is needed with correct data.


Hey Gale,

I have 2.0.6. No I’m not saying that all but 7 min is silent, I’m saying it’s jut not there (it’s actually all but the last 2 minutes to be exact). The corresponding data file is enormous, so that’s were the whole project must be.
I never made a WAV or MP3 back up unfortunately.
I attached the Aup, but the data file is like 6 Gig, so I didn’t attach that unless you need it. Also, when I click on show details for log…the window is blank/empty. Last night when I clicked on it, I got a list of all the Warning Orphan Files, but that’s gone today.

As for editing, I usually edit as I go along. Cutting out mistakes, noise removal after each chapter etc.
Greek Hottie.aup (9.2 KB)

Yes, the AUP file only lists 54 AU files.

So you closed this project normally, with the entire audio visible? Did you shut down the computer within a few seconds of telling Audacity to save the project?

Were any other projects open at the time, or in the same folder as this project? If so, are there AUP or TMP files in that folder that list the orphaned AU files?

If you edited this project, there is not much you can do, I’m afraid. You could search inside files for some of the names of AU files that are in your “Greek Hottie_data” folder but not listed in the AUP file.


Thanks Gale, that’s what I figured…since I edited as I went along I’'m pretty much “dead in the water”!

Hopefully this bug can be fixed to prevent this from happening in the future.


So you did not find any other files containing references to the orphaned AU files in the _data folder: http://www.wikihow.com/Make-Windows-7-Search-File-Contents ?

It’s only a bug if you closed Audacity normally and gave it time to save. The bug is multi-faceted and so far, we only managed to make it appear less often.

If you have projects open in Explorer it may help to close Explorer while you are working on the projects.

It’s probably better for us to move as soon as possible to a single file format rather than “AUP + _data folder”. That won’t happen immediately of course, but it is probably the solution that has the most benefit.