Ordering of files when exporting to WAV and burning to CD


Taking it one step at a time, I think I am actually getting there!

I have now managed to record an album from my USB turntable. I have set out the labels and edited/deleted out the scratchy pause sections. This has not been without concerns though.

I placed all the labels and named them for the 12 tracks. Then when I went in to edit and delete the scratchy pause sections, I noticed that the labels had all shifted and further along the album I got the more accumulative the shift became. I repositioned them but I can’t understand why they would shift in the first place - is there no way of fixing them or is there a better way of doing this?

Any way getting on with it, I then went to File/Export Multiple with the intention of sending them all to individual WAV or MP3 files. I have plumped first for WAV.

I filled in all of the metadata for each track and then away it went. I placed them all in a folder of their own.

So now if I want to burn them to a CD, how do I get them into a format that can be played on any CD player and how do I get them into the same order that they are on the vinyl album?

In the metadata they were numbered 01 to12 but when you look at the WAV files in the folder they are all in alphabetical order.

Do I have to rename them with a number in front to get them in the right order or what?

Any help appreciated.

Please see this answer https://forum.audacityteam.org/t/settings-and-input-levels-urgent-help-please/43041/13


The 01 to 12 was the track number in the metadata for the file.

If you chose to not add 01 to 12 in the file name, then you can usually adjust the order in the CD burner. This varies according to the burning application, so look at the help for the burning application you are using. In some applications you could click on Track Number to sort.


This varies according to the burning application

The real program is a “CD Authoring and Burning” application. That’s the one that lets you re-arrange the music and choose the spaces between songs on the disk. Windows Media can do that and iTunes can do that.

There are straight burner programs that don’t know what an Audio CD is. You can usually tell those because there is no place to set the space between songs.
Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 10.30.59.png

I normally use ImgBurn and a [u]Cue Sheet[/u]. With a cue sheet, you can define the order of the tracks and define exactly where the track markers are. It’s a little extra work but you can control exactly how the CD turns-out.

You can use separate files for each song or a single WAV file with track markers where you want them. A single WAV file is nice when you’ve got a live concert or a crossfaded mix with no silence between tracks and you just want to “mark” where songs start.

I start with an existing cue sheet and edit it in Notepad, changing the file names & times, etc.,as necessary.