Order of operations for editing VO

Hello all. I am new to the voice over game. I was wondering what is the correct order of operations for editing. I know that noise reduction usually comes first. After that, do I just do EQ and then compress? Do I have to normalize and/or limit? What steps in general do you take when working on a finished track? I want to make sure I have the proper loudness when I send off an mp3. Thank you!

Normalize loudness, (-14LUFS seems to be the new normal)
Then soft limit, (no make-up gain), to allow -1dB headroom

IMO Audcaity’s native compressor is not compatible with processing speech: it’s too slow.
I’d use a compressor plugin, e.g. TDR Kotelnikov | Tokyo Dawn Records (free version)

Should I be using a noise floor of -60db or -40db?

It depends on what is the noise-floor on your recording.
You don’t want the compressor to act on the noise.
If the noise-floor of the recording is is -60dB,
set the noise- floor of the compressor a little higher, e.g. -55dB. [sic].

Other free realtime vocal compressors which work in Audacity3 include …

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