Options for recording with audacity?

Hello all ,

I have recently just finished a mix using audacity , and when it cam time to record the session it sounded disgraceful.

I can’t seem to find any options in regards to recording ,

  • Are there any options to recording , instead of recording using the mic & speakers technique?
  • Can’t i just convert the tracks i have straight to mp3 ?

I looked for the “stereo mix setting” just doesn’t seem to have it .

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated , Cheers!

If you created the mix in Audacity you can save it as an MP3*, saving to a format other than Audacity’s own format is called “Export”: click on the “File” drop down menu (top left) and select “Export”. Then select the format you want to save as …
after you select 'Export' click the buttion I have coloured yellow to select the format.png

[ * only if you have installed the LAME MP3 encoder after installing Audacity … http://audacityteam.org/help/faq?s=install&item=lame-mp3 ]