Option to make Mixer Board Always on Top [SOLVED]

Would like to see an option to make the Mixer Board View always on top. To go back to press STOP, <-, PLAY, etc., puts the mixer in the background. Alternatively, a set of Play/stop/<-/-> controls on the mixer itself would be helpful. Thanks.

Managing an application’s windows is really the job of the “window manager”, which is part of the operating system. On Linux, you can right click on the Mixer Board window and select “Always on Top”. Sadly, Microsoft Windows does not have this facility.

Some possible solutions include “DeskPins” (free) and TurboTop ($20). I expect there are others.

Desskpins works great for this THANKS!

You’re welcome, and thanks for confirming.
As you’re happy with the solution, I’ll close this topic as “solved” (though arguably not really “solved” until Microsoft improve their window manager :wink:)