Option+command+1 custom shortcut no longer doing what it's meant to do


Until recently, my custom shortcut “option+command+1” used to invoke a custom macro, but since yesterday it now changes the tool from Selection Tool to Envelope Tool etc.

Any ideas why this is happening?

I checked the keyboard shortcuts and there are no conflicts.



Mac M1 RAM 16GB running MacOS Ventura v13.5.2 Audacity 3.3.3

Windows guy here.

On my machine, when I go into Preferences > Keyboard > Key Bindings > Name > “Tools - Select Tool”, I see F1 as the key that activates this mode. Similarly, F2 activates “Tools - Envelope Tool”. You can, of course assign different kes (or no keys) to these functions.

In Audacity, only one shortcut key sequence can be assigned to each of these functions. So I’m thinking you have something set on your computer that causes these keystrokes to be interpreted as function keys. See here for additional information on Apple Function Keys: Use keyboard function keys on Mac

Hi @jademan thanks for the reply.
As I said, “I checked the keyboard shortcuts and there are no conflicts.”
It’s now doing what it should be doing, so I guess it might be a bug. I’ll have to wait for it to happen again.
My custom shortcuts haven’t changed in a while, but with the introduction of live effects, I have had a few weird things happening.

If/when it happens again, I’ll try and leave more info.

I’ve also been experiencing occasional inconsistencies with key bindings. Sometimes a particular short cut will stop working, then it starts working again after a restart. I’ve not yet seen any pattern to it or any way to reproduce the issue on demand.

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