Option buttons on tracks

Audacity 2.4.2

Each track has buttons X for close, a drop down menu, Mute, Solo, et al. At the bottom there is a minimize button and a select button.

I would like to remove/temporarily hide the X (close) button on the top left. I have inadvertently hit that button several times and did not realize it (I have several tracks on my timeline).

Please advise.



It’s not possible to hide the [X] button, but if you accidentally click it you can Undo the track deletion either from the “Edit” menu or “Ctrl + Z”.

Hello Steve,

Thanks for the prompt response. That makes sense to me, but I did not realize that I did that until after I had made several other edits and did a save…

Oh well. Lesson learned: Be very careful around that close button!

Thanks again!


And be very careful around those pan and gain sliders - don’t ask me how I know … :blush: