Optimum Settings for Sample Rate Converters

What is the optimum setting I should have two sample rate converter settings under “preferences?”

The default settings are optimum.
You want “as fast as possible” for real time operation and “as high quality as possible” for High quality conversion.
Dither should be off for “Real Time” and (usually) “Shaped” or “Triangle” for High Quality.

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What controls whether Audacity uses the Real Time or High Quality sample rate conversion? Or perhaps the question should be “when does it use each?” A quick check of preferences and menus didn’t turn up options.


Real-time is when Audacity is playing back in real time. High quality is when Audacity is doing an Export.


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or “Mix and Render”, or any other non-real-time mixing (afasik).

(@Bill - hence Nyquist “s” adds dither to silence, if you remember that old thread)