Opposite effect of a bass boost?

I attended an Explosions in the Sky concert and recorded each song. The quality is fairly good except for an overload of bass that often drowns out the rest of the music. Is there an opposite effect of a bass boost so that I could lessen the bass?

It’s called a bass cut, and the Equalizer effect can do that just fine, but you’ll have to draw the curve yourself.

I’ve posted on this issue before here:

As long as you’re not distorting like this other guy was, you might be able to get decent results.

Yes. It’s possible to get a pumping effect where really loud bass notes affect the volume of the other instruments. If the recorder was on auto through the performance, you may have damaged everything else and reducing the bass may just uncover other problems.

Recording live concerts is a lot harder than it seems because your ears (and head) compensate for oddities in the presentation. A lot of what happens in a concert is translated to what happens to your chest muscles and sinuses, too.

Recorders take what arrives and try to convert it to bits. Even top quality microphones have trouble with that.


What Koz says is right on. Especially at a show that would be as loud as Explosions in the Sky.