Opinions: Isolation or delete?

Hi All,

I’m using Audacity 2.2.2 on Win10 and I possess very rudimentary skills with Audacity. There is a song I really love with exception of a couple of riffs that I think change the feel of the song, so I am hoping I can use Audacity to remove these to a level where my layman ears don’t hear them.

First example of the riff here;


Second example here with some vocals mixed through;


Just wondering if there is any way to isolate this riff for removal, or would I be better off just removing those sections all together?

Audacity can’t take apart a mixed song into individual voices, instruments or sounds. I think the only option is to cut the section.


Thanks Koz,

I suspected as much, guess it would be the same as trying to unbake a cake.

I did have a crack at removing the sections I want using the beat finder function with okish results. Are there any tutorials in particular you would recommend for removing sections and seamlessly (as possible) joining the remaining audio back up?