opening very long files

i have an audio file that is 29 hrs long and only 6 hrs of will open. how can the entire file be accessed and broke down in order to record to cd. i have never had a file longer than 5 hrs, and would apply effect to that file, then export 1 hr 15 mins at a time so they would fit on 120 min cds. the file i want to do that to, was recorded on a digital recorder and converted to wave as i normally do, but i can only get the first 6 hrs of it when i open the file with audcity. any suggestions?

WAV is maximum 2 GB to 4 GB in size depending on the application. So if your file is PCM WAV, six hours is probably all you will get. What application claims to have converted it to WAV in the first place?

If there is actually audio data in the file beyond six hours,try splitting the file in a WAV split application. I don’t know a good WAV splitter with interface except dBPowerAmp Music Converter - it is free if you don’t write MP3 files.

However there is a high chance any converter applications will refuse the file or only see six hours of audio in it. If that happens, just split the file in a hex editor like HxD and import the resulting files into Audacity as raw data.


Thanks for responding Gale. I used FormatFactory . I’m pretty much new to this, but am learning, and understanding alot. is there anyway to brake the audio ( approx. 15.6gb ) into smaller files without audacity, or is there a way with aud.? can another format be used?

If I had to do what you wanted to do, I would use HxD (as already suggested). The command you want is Extras > File Tools > Split… .

The first file HxD produces will be a WAV, but you are best to name all the files with .raw extension then import them into Audacity using File > Import > Raw Data… .