Opening really old project

MacOS 10.13.6, Audacity 2.2.1 - and I need to open a really old project that was apparently created with 1.2.6. I get a message that audacity can try to open it, but it might get corrupted. I don’t know if I have the original audio file from which I first created the project. Is there a way to open the project without trashing it, or am I - umm - screwed?

TIA - John

You need both parts. Audacity Projects came with a Project Manager File and a content folder of the same name.

That’s a complete set.

Do you have both? If you do and they’re in the same folder or location, you should be able to File > Open the AUP file.

You can open the AUP file in a text editor (don’t save anything). It should look roughly like this.

The show name should be repeated in the code. That’s what the red box means.

That’s been gussied up for the picture, but those are typical of the words in the program. If you have no words, or the words are all NUL NUL NUL, black boxes, or graphics elements, the show is probably toast.

Was this a raw recording or an edit master?


You can open the project without damaging it. Audacity will attempt to open the project and convert it to the 2.x format. The original remains untouched (as long as you do not save over it). Save the converted project with a new name.

As Koz points out, make sure you have the AUP file and its associated _data folder.

You should consider upgrading to the latest version of Audacity (3.0.4) available here.

– Bill