Opening .mwk Audio Files

I am using Windows 7 and have Audacity 2.1.1 with the .exe installer.

I just acquired a half-dozen audio files with the .mwk file extension made in 2000 with MusicWrite 2000 software. The publisher (Voyetra) merged with another company many years ago and the current company does not support this ancient software. I tried opening a file with Audacity 2.1.1 without success. Audacity did suggest I try opening the file as “raw import” which also did not work.

The piano music recorded in the files is of sentimental value and I would really like to preserve it in a generic format that can be heard and saved. Do I have any other options for opening the files with Audacity? With any other software? Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


how about:

Looks like you need to find an old PC with an old version of Windows.


WC: I have that software on the original CD. Sometimes older versions will still run (with complications) on a newer PC but not in this case; I tried.

Yes, finding an older PC is a possibility but I hoped Audacity or another current program would open the files. Thanks for the reply.


There is a trial version of QuickScore Elite that opens MWK files. The software is still developed so should run on Windows 7. I do not know the trial limitations.

You can run older operating systems as a virtual machine on Windows 7 using virtualisation software such as VirtualBox. Then all you would have to do is a find an old cheap copy of Windows 98 or 2000. Looks like that would be around $30 online.



Two excellent suggestions. I will follow up on both.