Opening/Importing *.au files after crash

Using Audacity 2.2.0 on Windows 10 to record Sunday sermons at church. The .aud file of a project got corrupted. It is now a empty file. All the .au files are intact saved in the e00 folder in subfolders d00, d01, d02. Is there any way to open them in a new .aud project file? At present I am importing each e0000*.au individually into a new project… open, copy, change window, paste, save project… Each e0000*.au file is 6 seconds long and I have 580 of these files I am needing to rebuild.
Can anyone offer any help to streamline the process. Can I open, import, merge the files into one track easily?

There is a manual recovery process, but maximum success can only be had if it’s a mono show and you didn’t edit it or change it. Stereo shows can be recovered, too, but Left and Right may swap places at random.

This is the written piece for Automacic Crash Recovery.

This is manual recovery.


thanks Koz,

It is a mono recording. however, I already tried the manual crash recovery but that didn’t work because someone closed the program.

My question was, can the .au files be opened in one track when they are imported or opened. I have 500+ .au files, each 6 seconds in length. I can rebuild, but it is taking a very long time.

again thanks.


The process, last I looked, sorts the AU files by time and date. It shouldn’t matter that the program is closed. This is why the process falls apart immediately if you edited the piece. Also, stereo shows have Left and Right files too close to each other to sort them properly, so the process guesses at it.