Opening Error

Question #1: just downloaded version 2.3.3 but can’t open … I get a pop up which says " error opening recording device. Error code : 0 success". Any thoughts or ideas?

Question #2: i record podcasts for the blind so all i need is a simple program to record, correct my mistakes, overwrite the hiccup, and then upload the finished broadcast to dropbox … So here’s my question … Do i need to use a mixer and record thru that … Or can i merely plug a mic into the computer using a usb cord and then use audacity for everything???

Please bear with me as these are probably dumb questions (but sadly a reflection of the user)

Thanx, tom

That is probably due to a Windows security setting. See:

If you are only wanting to record one person at a time, then you can use a USB microphone.
Note that Audacity does not support more than one USB microphone at a time. If you want to record multiple people at the same time, then you would be better to use a mixer with conventional microphones (ideally one per person). Some mixers have built-in USB support for recording a stereo mix. Other mixers have only analog outputs, so need to be plugged into an audio interface (I use a Behringer UCA 202, which is cheap, reliable and works well with good sound quality).

Steve …thanx for the quick reply … did as you suggested but still get the same pop up.

Would it make any sense to ditch the recording setup I have (mixer) and just purchase a USB mic … and would that possibly cure the issue … and lastly, if I were to purchase an audio recording program (rather than Audacity), do you have any recs without breaking the proverbial bank???

See if this video helps:

Whatever recording app you use, the Windows permissions need to be set correctly to fix this problem.