opening aup files probelm(s)


A series of strange problems. If I click on an aup3 file I’m working on, it opens in Audacity, as would be expected. However, if I then click on or Right click open… a second aup3 file, it doesn’t open.

If I go via Audacity, File > Open… all the aup3 files are greyed out, this occurs even if it’s only Audacity with no project open. However, if I go to Open recent… Then any project on that list opens without any problem. So there’s a work around, but it’s inconvenient.

I’m on Catalina, using Audacity 3.1.3, but in order to check, the same thing happened when I installed an old 2. version.

I’ve been using multimedia software for over two decades, so I’m not a newbie, and in any case, I have never seen a program that has it’s own file types greyed out. I also have done multi google searches, nothing comes up. Anyone with any ideas?



the same thing happened when I installed an old 2. version.

Audacity 2 will not open AUP3 Projects. AUP3 Projects happened at the transition to Audacity 3. Audacity 2 and before used the legacy .aup project manager text file and _data folder with sound files in it.

Audacity 3 will (should) open older, legacy projects.

Apple > System Preferences > Users and Groups > Are you an Administrator and are Guests turned off?

I can’t think of a reason Audacity would not open or at least recognize its own files.

Do you have your Mac set to show you file extensions? Do your WAV files look like “Myshow.wav,” or just “Myshow.”

multi google searches, nothing comes up.

Not surprised. You have a Unicorn problem.

Do you use a virus protection program?

Oh. One more. Are you working from an external, network, or cloud drive?


Thanks, Koz, I can’t think of a reason Audacity - or any software won’t open its own files. And I’ve used various multimedia programs for over two decades, so I’m not a newbie.

Yes, I see files extensions. No virus protection, and only one user on my mac, as Admin, all on my hard drives. But none of that matters - logically speaking - because I can click on a file and it opens in Audacity if Audacity is closed. And I can open Recent… so I can have two or more projects open as long as they appear in recent.

(I installed an old Audacity 2, then created a couple of v2 aup files to test it, so the issue wasn’t trying to open aup3 in v2).

Strangest thing, and I’m not sure if the fact that I can’t figure it out, or the slight annoyance that it is creating that bothers me more.


Just to be squeaky precise about this. You have something open in Audacity 3.1.3.

File > Open and your display does not look like this.

Screen Shot 2022-03-30 at 1.51.15 PM.png
You suggested multiple drives. Where are the files you want to open? The illustration is all happening on my home system drive.


Hi Koz,

This is what it looks like when I go to Open…

Most of my files are on external hard drives, but just to check, I copied some to my Macbook Pro, same thing.
Screenshot 2022-03-31 at 06.39.01.jpg
If Audicity is closed, and I click an aup3, it opens in Audacity. If Audacity is open, with or without a project open, the aup3 that I clicked on does not open. But if I go to Open Recent, then I can open any and all of them. Which makes Audacity workable, I just have to make sure the files on the Open Recent list, a bit irritating if it is not. Very irritating that I can’t figure out why.

Go figure.


This is a known bug in Audacity.
– Bill

Thanks, Bill, I feel better knowing it’s not just me :wink: And that I don’t have to keep trying to figure it out. Hope they fix it soon.