Opening Any Audacity Project File Crashes Audacity

A couple things to try:

  1. Restart Audacity, and Generate a DTMF tone. Can you File>Export this as an MP3 file or WAV ? Does it play ?

  2. File>Save Project>Save Project. File>Close. File>Recent Files. Does this open your DTMF tone file ?

If this works OK, it indicates that everything is OK with Audacity, that the issue may be something in your files.

Note that Audacity does not like to have it’s projects RENAMED. It does not like to work on Project files that are stored on memory sticks or are on a network or cloud.

Also note the Audacity file structure:

  1. I doubt this will help, but since you like to try resetting things. Try the other steps first. Then exit Audacity.
    One more folder to delete: C:\users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\audacity, where USERNAME is your user name.
    AppData is hidden, so in File Manager, you may need to select the “View” tab, then tick the box “Hidden items”.
    This folder contains your configuration settings (which you already reset), your customized macros and your customize plugins.

    I hope this helps. :smiley: