Opening AAC stream ripped from DAB+ radio

I have problem with opening AAC audio stream in Audacity, that is ripped from DAB+ terrestrial digital radio. Audacity says, that the selected file is Advanced Audio Coding file and Audacity don’t open these files. This error is very strange, because I can open other AAC streams normally in Audacity. I have Windows 8.1 and I updated Audacity to 2.1.1 version. In Audacity I have selected current FFmpeg libraries (2.2.2). I rip AAC stream from digital radio using DAB Player software and this is 1:1 copy of broadcast stream. I tried change stream container to Matroska, but no effect. I checked also rips with different AAC stream version (AAC-LC and HE-AAC). Digital radio streams aren’t DRM-protected, because Windows Media Player (using LAV Splitter and ffdshow audio decoder) and VLC normally plays these rips.

Do you have Ffmpeg installed? (see

Does this file play in VLC?

Yes, yes, I wrote earlier:

VLC decodes these files internally.

Is the problem with “one” file that was recorded with your DAB Player software, or is it a problem with “all” files that you record with that software?

All rips created by this software don’t open in Audacity. In our national multiplex some radios using AAC-LC codec and some using HE-AAC codec, however both don’t open in Audacity.

I guess there must be something a bit different between those AAC files and “normal” AAC files that open in Audacity. :confused:
If you can open those files in VLC, then you could use VLC to decode them into standard WAV files, and then open the WAV files in Audacity.
Also, “Foobar 2000” is good for converting audio file types.

Can you provide a short example of one of these files that won’t import into Audacity?

See How to post an audio sample.


Here is a sample file.

Browsers on Mavericks:

FF shows the player, plays but no sound.
Safari shows the player, plays, but only regular 1 KHz beeps.
Chrome shows the warning that the Quicktime internet plugin isn’t supported and a broken plugin window.

Audio apps:

Audacity can’t import it. The result is silence.
iTunes doesn’t play.
Only VLC player sees this as a normal audio file and plays the music.
Baudline reports a bad header and stops.
Xact (Sox) doesn’t know what file this is…

So that’s either very custom media or it got damaged before you got it.

Running the file through FFmpeg at the command-line, the problem appears to be that the DAB stream uses 960 samples per frame rather than the more common 1024.

960 is a legitimate frame size per AAC specification.

FFmpeg know about this but don’t want to fix it. It seems that you need the libfaad2 decoder compiled with 960 support to play such a file, but FFmpeg no longer supports that.


Convert with VLC?