Opening a Saved Project

I have recorded several (29) vinyl LPs, all saved as separately named projects. To open a saved project, I note that the manual advises to use ‘open recent files’; but only the 12 most recent files are listed. How can I either increase the number of recent projects or access those that are not listed? The only way I seem to be able to access these is to search for *.aup files in file explorer and when they are all listed (projects), open from there…this seems unnecessarily tedious! Help!

It is normal for applications to list a limited number of recent files. When the list is full, each new file will knock the oldest one off the list.

To be able to quickly find your AUP files, I’d recommend putting them somewhere where you can easily find them, for example in
Music\Audacity Projects\

For completed Audacity projects, it is generally best to keep a high quality WAV or FLAC export of the project. WAV and FLAC files are robust, easy to manage, and generally use a lot less space than an Audacity Project. Note that Audacity Projects have a “.AUP” file and a “_data” folder. Both parts MUST be present.