Open with (ouvrir un fichier avec)

Always the same problem with audacity that is renewed after the updates.
When we want to open an audio file and is used on mac open with the sound does not appear automatically …

This is not the first time that I speak


Audacity only opens its own projects.

Once you opened a project, you can import an audio file.


Audicity va seulement ouvrir ses propre projets.

Dés qu’on se trouve dans un projet, om peut importer un fichier audio.

Et c’est semblable pour tous les DAW. Il y a des bonnes raisons pour ce comportement. Audacity fonctionne d’une manière non-destructive.

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If Cyarano’s answer did not help, please say exactly how you are trying to import the file, and what format the file is in. Are you talking about right-click or CTRL-click over the file in Finder? A screenshot might help. See How to attach files to Forum posts.