Open new file with Audacity

Hi all thanks for all your hard work! One situation I do find annoying though is, when I finish a project I have to leave Audacity to open a fresh file. Could the .wav file I was working on be removed while still open in Audacity and a new .wav file introduced? Thanks for your time and consideration. Regard’s, Joseph.

I am not sure what you are asking. If you are working on a .WAV file in Audacity, the file is imported into an Audacity project so the original file is no longer “open”. You could import additional .WAV files into that same project.

However, if you are done with the project, it is best to close the project and open a new one, otherwise your UNDO buffers can grow very large. Sometimes this takes a few moments.

OK jademan, thanks for your reply. With Ivosight Soundop! your .wav file can be deleted by clicking (x) in the right hand corner of the PC without leaving the actual software and then introduce a different audio file. Regard’s, Joseph.

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