Open Mic.

Can you help ?

I am a new user of this version of Audacity. I am running Windows Vista on my Laptop. I am recording cassette tapes using a Kenwood Hi-Fi system as the basis. i am recording via the headphone terminal on the unit into a similar 3.5 jack socket on my laptop. The recording process is going fine except for one major drawback. I have a live mic. How can I mute ths mic and continue to record. I have recorded almost my entire LP collection seamlessly albeit using a Panasonic Hi-Fi as the basis and using the USB socket. Recording my tape collection is the last outstanding task.

I don’t know if it carried through to Vista, but you could right-click on the speaker icon in the lower right > Open Volume Control > Properties > Recording and it would let you select the list of things that were active. I think some variation on that still works.

Did the recordings through the laptop jack sound OK?