Open files from commandline in one project


I’m using audacity 2.0.5 on a windows 7 machine. I have a tool which can start an editor to edit wav file.
I can open from command line one wav file.
When I start again audacity from command line with another wav file it opens in a new instance of audacity and i prefer to open it as another track in the project of the first wav file.
Is this possible?

Greetings Gerrit Meijering

Audacity is designed to be a GUI application. Command line options are very limited. See here for more details:


I know, we want it also for gui operations.
But for the startup of the editor and choose the audio from an external database i should be very nice that it will open in one audacity instance.

When i open at once 3 files i want them in one project with 3 tracks.
Or i open one file after a wihle i want to open onother file in the same project but it’s starting a new instance of audacity, can this be prefented and add track?



The shipped version of Audacity cannot do that.
Three option that come to mind are:

I have added your vote for command line support.