Open complete project [SOLVED]

I also have an Audio Technica 120 but I may not have a setting correct. The recordings are saved to a file but I cannot open the files by the recommended method of File/open/filename. The screen takes me all the way down to the individual files. How do I open the project so I see the entire recording?

If you saved an Audacity project, only Audacity can use that, and you have to open the AUP file which controls the individual files.

If you want to play the recorded songs on your computer, use File > Export… .

See Audacity Manual


Audacity Manual .


Thanks, I’ll try it tonight. I was able to open from the recent files screen. So as I understand what you told me I need to export the aup file with subfiles to a WAV file?

You must not interfere directly with the AU data files. Just open the project from Recent Files as you did, then File > Export… .

WAV is lossless but has a large file size. If you don’t mind losing quality you can export to MP3 which is much smaller, but you need to add the LAME MP3 encoder to your computer.


OK, I’ve converted all the files in the recent folder but there are a lot more in the file where I saved all the projects. If I cannot open them directly is there a way I can have the recent screen show all the projects?

What exactly have you done? Did you open an AUP file then export it without importing the small AU files?

You mean a folder where you saved the projects.

What do you mean by cannot open them directly? If the AUP file you want is not in Recent Files, click File > Open… then click in the “Files of type” box to show a drop-down menu. Choose “Audacity projects” from that list then it will only show you AUP files which you can open directly.

If the file open dialogue is open inside one of the project _data folders, press the upward-pointing arrow called “Up One Level” at the top of the dialogue. This will move you back into the folder containing the AUP files.


Thank you very much! I had no idea that there was a drop down box there. Call me computer challenged but I sure appreciate your pointing that out. Now the files open like they should.