Open Audacity stops audio

Hi everyone,

I have one problem with Audacity (2.4.2) in a new HP ProDesk (i7 9700, 16GB) computer with a MAYA44 eX (24-bit/96kHz PCIe Audio Interface with 4in/4out) audio card.

When I’m playing from Spotify, Firefox or VLC and open Audacity, it opens but the sound stops playing. The program continues reproducing the file or stream, but no sound goes to mixing table.

If I open first Audacity and then the other program, i can record and play with no problem. All drivers are up to date, and it is a behaviour that I’ve never seen before and its little anoying, and it doesn’t happend if I open other recording program such Adobe Audition, for example.

Thanks for any help or suggestion.

Audacity doesn’t open in Monitor. Click once in the recording sound meters to start monitoring. Also Right-Click > Start Monitoring.


Thanks Kozikowski, the problem is not with the Monitor, instead of the output of the sound card. Open Audacity stops all the sound of other programs that are playing anything. I need to open Audacity FIRST, and then the programs that I want to play (Spotify, Firefox, etc). Is a strange behaviour that I’ve not experimented before.