Open and Close Volume Envelope on Selection

The Envelope Tool definitely works, and I’ve loved having it in my toolbelt, but if you need to make a lot of adjustments, it becomes tedious and a bit cumbersome to place several points and adjust each one.

I suppose I’m suggesting the ability to make a selection, switch over to the Envelope Tool, and be able to pull up or down anywhere in the middle of that selection that would effect just the selected area by automatically making points on either end of that selection when you try to raise or lower its volume envelope.

It would also be amazing for this process to add not just a point on each end of the selection, but maybe two of them on each end, so that the envelope could be gradually closed or opened.

Obviously, I’m not sure if this is even possible or too big of an ask, but I figured I’d put it out there!

Multi-tool ? …

It might be useful to use Ctrl-I for your workflow. (That’s an uppercase i, not a lowercase L.) It’s apparently the shortcut to Edit > Clip Boundaries > Split. This clips the selection, so to speak, to make it easier to work with.

Just a small point to note:
Keyboard shortcuts are not case sensitive, but the “Shift” key does matter.
For example:
“Ctrl + Shift + t” is not the same as “Ctrl + T” (where the final letter is upper case due to the Caps Lock being enabled).

It’s only a convention that shortcuts (“key bindings”) are usually written with upper case letters to match the characters that are printed onto the keyboard keys.

Because of the confusion between upper case “i” and lower case “L”, I generally break with convention when writing keyboard shortcuts and type:
“Ctrl + i” rather than the more ambiguous “Ctrl + I”.

Thanks for the answers, it’s exactly what I was looking for :wink: