open 1.3 .aup files in 2x?


2.0.5, Win 7

I’ve been using Audacity for many years, and have just opened an .aup file for a piece of music from a while ago now that I need to kind-of remaster and freshen things up for now.

And after running a couple of things on it I realised the menu options were a little different and when I checked it had opened in 1.3, which surprised me as I had thought I had deleted that when installing 2x.

… and when I looked further I found sure enough two installations/folders in Programs, and I can launch either one directly but when opening via work files the older ones open 1.3 and the newer ones 2x.

I’ll move 1.3 off, but expecting to move along with the current project for now I opened 2.0.5 and tried to import the 1.3 file in to it to be able to do what I wanted, but it wasn’t recognised and a popup appeared suggesting a Raw file import but understandably that didn’t do anything useful.

I’ve just spent a couple of hours trying to understand the mechanics involved so I can carry on, and I am probably missing something blindingly obvious but by now I am probably too close to it and can’t see the wood for the trees!

So can anyone tell me what I need to open 1.3 files in 2x please so I can move forward?

Huge thanks for any advice/guidance.

1.3.x had a different installation path to 2.0.x, so installing 2.0.x does not overwrite 1.3.x.

Uninstall 1.3.x.

Download AudacityAssociationCleaner.reg.txt. Change the extension from “reg.txt” to “reg” by removing the “.txt” from the end of the file name, then run the file as administrator. This will remove the incorrect association of AUP with 1.3.x and any incorrect associations there may be with audio files like MP3 or WAV.

Install 2.0.6 from Install it over 2.0.5 (to the same path).

You cannot import AUP files. In 2.0.6, use File > Open… to open the 1.3.x project file (or double-click the AUP file as you were doing).

File > Open… would also have been a solution in 2.0.5 before running the .reg file.


Thank you so much, Gale … greatly appreciated!