Oops! Need to split combined music and audio tracks

I recorded a worship session at church and clicked stop to make a new recording for the sermon. When I went to export each file as an MP3, I ended up with track 2 being mixed with track 1. I tried the Split Stereo Track feature, but since they’re overlaid, I don’t get the traditional left and right channels. Am I totally bummed or what? Is ther a way to “peel” the music off the spoken audio? It’s worth my effort to try, since I have a bad habit of not saving the projects.

In the future I’ll be leaving the entire service as one track and exporting various selections as MP3, while saving the original project for sanity purposes.

Thanks, Greg :unamused:

If the show is now in two-track mono (same thing on left and right) then you’re dead. There are very advanced tools that can pull a vocal out of a music performance, but they all must start with a full stereo show. They need to be able to “find” a singer left to right. If there is no left and right, that’s the ball game.

By the way, the compulsive people will not only save the Project, but Export As WAV…, too. Audacity projects are easily damaged (pages of forum cries for help), but stable, self-contained WAV files are pretty robust–and you can copy them between machines and email them. Can’t do that to a Project.


It seems to me that you have 2 mp3 files that are identical, correct? If that’s the case, then there’s no way to pull the voice out of the music and vice versa.

On the other hand, if you have 1 mp3 with music + voice and another mp3 with either voice OR music, then you’re in luck. In that case, it’s possible to subtract one from the other and end up with music and voice separately. If that’s true, respond here or PM me and I’ll write out the instructions to do that.

Hello alatham & kozikowski,

Thanks to both of you for your reply, although it’s bad news, I expected it. Lesson learned. I’m in the process of setting up a “permanent” PC for recording which will help alleviate this issue in the future. I definitely won’t be splitting the track into two until I save the project.

Thanks again,

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