Only two input options - what happened to the third option?

I am using Audacity to try and transfer audio cassettes to digital on my Windows PC.

I am plugging my cassette player into a Kaiser Baas “MusicMaker” - then the MusicMaker into the PC USB port.

I have used this successfully in the past, however, now there are only two input options provided: “Microsoft Soundmapper Input” or “Microphone (Realtek High Definition)”.

Neither of these work. There used to be a third option which did work but I cannot get it anymore.

Please help.

You can try Tranport > Rescan Audio Devices.

Make sure your Audio Devices are all setup and working in windows itself first.

From taskbar, search control panel, click Control panel, go to Sound and see what devices are in there and enabled and working.

If Windows doesn’t see the device, Audacity won’t see it. And if Windows can find it, it will usually work with Audacity.

Most of these “little USB audio interfaces” are plug-and-play with the Microsoft-supplied drivers so if it doesn’t work, it may be bad, or you may have a bad USB cable, or a bad USB port.

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