Only the left imput meters bar is going up

BeforeI could only hear out of the left ear because I had it on stereo. Now I can only hear my voice recordings in the left ear even when I switch to mono! How can I fix this? (im using a pg48 shure)

Edit: even when I have no mic plugged in the left red bar is still going up

When I pan it right I can hear it in the right side

Is that with all applications? Do you get the same if you play something in Windows Media Player?
Have you checked your headphones (and lead, and that it’s plugged in securely)?

Yes its with all applications and the same when i play it in WMP. I also know its not my headphones and it is plugged in securely. It’s almost indefinitely not my mic; the red bar for left goes up even when my mics not plugged in >.>

How far does it go up?
Does it go higher when you talk into the mic?

If you play a “known to be good” music file in WMP, do you hear the music in both ears or just one?