Only recording one voice

I am having trouble setting up Audacity to pick up both voices. I am using it to record telephone interviews but am only getting my voice in the playback.

Thank you!

A real telephone or an VOIP phone?
How are you recording it?

I am using a real phone with a logger patch from DynaMetric.

And how does that connect to the computer? Do you know which model it is? Is it this one

It is I am the project coordinator, trying to trouble shoot for an interviewer so I don’t have the device, which makes this next to impossible! As far as I can ascertain, she might be using her cell? Do you think it might be a problem with the patch? I was hoping it was as easy as fixing the recording levels :slight_smile:

Have you used one of these devices yourself? Does the device record the local user on one channel of the recording and the remote user on the other channel, or do both voices get mixed together?


There are three possibilities, not two. VIOP phone such as Skype which takes special software to capture both sides of the conversation, CellPhone which takes a special adapter that plugs in in place of the headset, and copper landline deskset which is the most difficult of all.

The landline phone adapters are all but impossible without cross-voice leakage, echoes, weak far-end, bad management, etc. etc. The broadcast units cost multiple hundreds of dollars. Cellphone should be relatively easy because the cellphone instrument does all the voice management for you except that I believe the phone goes mute and deaf while you’re using the device. You need to plug a headset (not headphone) into the device as well as the recorder.

All by remote control to a foreign location. Good luck.


It will be if the capture show is full left and right stereo. If the adapter dumps both sides of the show into one track, you’re dead. You’re also dead if the show is full stereo but one track (say the far voice) is completely missing.