Only recording one turntable at a time , from mixer

Hi, I am new to audacity and recently downloaded it to record a set using a newmark scratch turntable with two turntables (no microphone). I connected it with a USB-A to USB-B 2.0 Cable from the mixer to the laptom (windows/ HP computer) I tried all the option on the audioinput and made sure it was set to record in stereo. It only records one turntable at a time. When I switch the audio input options I can switch the table its recording from, but I cant get it to record both. If its just recording from the mixer is should be able to do both right, since the output is coming from the mixer not the tables. When the tables are switched I just see a flat line recorded with no wave form

the options I get are
Microsoft Sound Mapper-Input
Line 1/2 (newmark scratch)
Microphone-Arryay (realtex*r) Au (this is my computers microphone)
Line 3/4 (2-Numark Scratch)
Multichannel (2-Newmark scratch) ( I thought this would be it, but alas no)
Line 5/6 (2-Newmark Scratch)

any help or advice for a newbie would be great

thank you


Audcaity is only compatible with some multi-channel input devices …

Can you get a two-turntable seg in your headphones connected to the front?

I know there’s a trick to this. It’s a holdover from the older analog mixers. Are you sure you’re not trying to record the Booth feed rather than the Dance Floor feed?

Are both channels switched to PHONO?

I wonder if this mixer has reached The Threshold?

redefines what you can do with an affordable 2-channel scratch mixer.

It’s improved so much it stopped working.


Can their Serato software record?

You may want to check with Nemark support.

It seems odd that the USB doesn’t put-out the regular stereo mix (same as the main analog outputs).

If it’s a multi-channel interface you may have trouble recording with Audacity and you may need a full multitracking DAW application.

But the easiest solution would be a little interface (like the Beringer UCS202, etc.) to record the analog stereo output.

The UCA-202 which comes with its own swichable stereo headphone monitor point.

That gives you a nice reference point in the middle to see if everything is working OK.

We go into these postings with the idea that the mixer is new and working practically perfect in every way. Maybe not. Maybe you got a good deal on it because the old owner couldn’t get it to work, either.


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