only part of my music mix plays back

Hi completely new to audacity,i recorded a vinyl mix to my laptop I saved the mix but when I replay it through audacity only aabout 15 minutes plays back,i recorded about 51 minutes in total any ideas anyone?

i recorded a vinyl mix to my laptop

We need to find out if you created the mix inside the laptop with mixer software and an external controller, or you mixed in an external mixer and applied the final show to the laptop. Those are very different. If external mixer, is it USB or Analog?


I connected straight from master out on my urei mixer to a single 3.5mm jack into the mic socket of my laptop,it recorded 51 minutes but played around 14 minutes and ended there,where it stopped there was no more wave signal,i was thinking the connector to the laptop might have got loose and stopped the recording,but i’m not familiar witth audacity and laptops in general so its all a little confusing