Only one waveform in stereo recording latest Audacity version

Nothing has changed from previous many years of recording with audacity except I just downloaded newest (3.3) version. Now Stereo recordings show only one waveform.
I’m recording from turntable through a pre-amp connect by stereo plug to computer. All settings are the same as they’ve always been.

Make sure Windows and Audacity are both set for stereo.

Are you getting one waveform and a flat line in the other channel, or just the one waveform and one channel?

If you are getting a flat-line in one channel, try swapping the left & analog connections to see if you’ve got an analog problem.

How is the preamp connected to the computer? Do you have a desktop/tower with a regular soundcard? (Most laptops only have mono microphone-in and stereo headphone-out.)

Thank you for your reply.
Both are set for stereo.
I’m getting one waveform in the left channel and flat line in the right. Don’t know what “swapping the left & analog connections” means??
I have a tower w/regular soundcard. The preamp is connected to the computer via a 2 out (red and white) cable at one end that turns into a single input (L-shaped) on the other.

I was just fiddling with the cord connecting the preamp too the computer and tried again - with success!!! It seems to be a faulty cord at this point.
Thank you.

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