Only one of my tracks are playing?! [SOLVED]

I am new to audacity and only using it for my media coursework, and basically i’ve done so much work last night and when I opened it this morning i found all the tracks have been greyed out except for track four where it’s blue and I can still play it. Track four is the last track i edited last night. I really hope i didn’t lose any of my work because it took me hours editing my play and looking up the sound effects etc. Please someone help me, I’d really appreciate it. Also if you can explaining it in the simplest way possible and try not to overcomplicate things with the techy terms- i’m not a very tech savvy aha >.<
Screen Shot 2014-04-23 at 12.46.30.jpg

Track 4 is set to “Solo”.

ahaha omg I feel so stupid for not noticing that, i was busy looking at the other tracks if its on mute or not, i was freaking out over nothing! aha but thank you anyways ahaha

No problem. It’s sometimes easy to overlook the obvious :wink:
I’ll mark this as solved.