Only one input of audio interface recognized

I am using Windows 8 and Audacity 2.0.3 installed by the .exe setup. We have been trying to record vocal using a M-Audio Fast Track audio interface. It has 2 inputs: an XLR mic input and a 1/4" phone jack “guitar” input. With the interface connected to a mixing console using the phone jack, Audacity recognizes the M-Audio interface but there is no input. We converted to using Adobe Audition and it gives us two choices, M-Audio 1 or 2. Using the second port we can record. I have not had the opportunity to run a test to see if the XLR port would be recognized and record through the interface by Audacity. The drivers have been updated (they were actually up-to-date) for the interface. Can anyone help me?

I think that was the device that appears as a mono digital signal in Audacity. When that happens, you may get a recording with only Left recording, but the show will appear as a mono track and will export like that as well. This is normal. When you played your recording, it came out of both speakers, right, and both of the green playback sound meters jumped?


The M-Audio Fast Track audio interface has two independent audio channels. Channel 1 is the microphone (XLR) input and channel 2 is the 1/4" jack guitar input. Audacity does not have “channel mapping”, so when recording in stereo, channel 1 of the device is recorded to channel 1 (left) of the recorded stereo track and channel 2 of the device is recorded to channel 2 (right) of the recorded stereo track. If you set Audacity to record “1 channel (mono)” it will record only “channel 1” of the device, which for the Fast Track is the microphone channel.

Because the original Fast Track only has one line/instrument level input, and that is on channel 2, the only way to record that with Audacity is to set Audacity to record “2 channel (Stereo)” in the Device Toolbar. (Note the Fast Track Pro has “combination inputs” on both channels so that a microphone, or instrument/mixer can be plugged into either channel).

Once you have recorded a stereo track, if you only want channel 2. you can “Split Stereo to Mono” and then close the unwanted mono track that was the left channel. See here for more details: