Only one channel is heard or recorded on Audacity

My first post.
Win 7 Home Premium 64 Bit w/ SP 1. Updated thru 9-24-13. Computer is: MSI H67Ma-E45-MATX Desktop purchased on 10-5-12. Intel R display audio Microsoft-6.1 7600 16385
(win7-rtm 090713. 1255). Realtek High DEF Audio 6.01 6971. Intel i5 - 2400 processor.
My previous computer was a Gateway running VISTA. Had no problem using Audacity to record cassette tapes thru the computer and dowloading them as MP3 to make CDs for the car.
I downloaded Audicaty 2.0.4 and the LAME encoder to the new computer replacing prior versions. I hooked up my SONY Boom Box as before using the line-in jack. No matter what I did, I could only hear one speaker and Audacity only picked up that channel. I could not get both speakers to play, nor Audicity to record two channels.
I researched everything available. I will admit I’m not a very computer literate, and I was sometimes confused or apprehensive to try some things.
The boom box played both channels fine, as did the headphones I attached to it.
I did not get a new cable for connecting, as I believe they either work or don’t. The fact I got 1 channel leads me to believe the cable is OK. (I hope).
Any suggestions I might understand?
Thanks for you consideration.

Even without Audacity running, you only hear one channel through the computer?

That could be a defective soundcard, or a Windows setting. I’d go into the Windows Control Panel and check your settings first. Although you’ve connected to Line-In, some souncards have software-configurable inputs/outputs and Windows might think you’ve connected a mono microphone. If you need some help with that, go to [u]this page[/u] and search for “mono”.

I did not get a new cable for connecting, as I believe they either work or don’t.

Actually, it could be the cable, but it’s unlikely that your cable broke exactly when you got a new computer. There are three wires in the cable (left, right, and ground) and one could be broken. It never hurts to have extra cables (and adapters) lying around.

…You are probably in a hurry, and don’t want to order a cable online, but if you live in the U.S., I get my cables from [u][/u], and the prices are so low that I always buy extras (and I don’t like to pay more for shipping than I pay for the merchandise. :wink: ). Their quality is good, and if you choose their “Premium Quality” cables, you’ll still pay less than for “cheap” cables at your average audio/video store.