Only half the audio saved

Hey! So i recorded about a 45 minute podcast last night and exported to WAV as I usually do. When i went to open the file today there is only 10 minutes of it saved!!! Is there any way at all to get that audio back? I tried directories but that has never worked for me. The folder is always empty :frowning:

You’re probably doomed! :frowning:

WAV is usually foolproof… Are you sure there was 45 minutes of audio before you exported? I guess you didn’t save the Audacity project? (Usually the WAV is “safer” than the project, but not safer than both…)

Is the file size correct for a 10-minute file or a 45-minute file? If the WAV is the “wrong size” it may be corrupt but salvageable, but I’m betting there is only 10 minutes of saved audio. (There are 8-bits in a byte, so File size in bytes = Sample Rate x (bit-depth/8) x number of Channels x Playing Time in Seconds.) For example, a 10-minute “CD Quality” WAV file is 44,100Hz x (16/8 bytes) x 2 Channels x 600 Seconds = 106MB.

Definitely doomed LOL… as far as i know there was the 45 mins. me and my co-host both recorded (separately as we do it over skype.) hers was fine of course Sometimes this podcast shit is too stressful hahaha.

thanks for the advice :slight_smile: