Only getting one channel?

I’ve been doing recordings for a little under a year, and I’ve recently come across a way of improving them, yet hit another wall. I use a headset with USB connection, well it creates a sorta static which before was hard to fully remove even with several swipes of Noise Removal. Recently I decided to purchase a USB-to-Outlet adapter which drastically cuts down on the noise I got, and also purchased a 3 foot 3.5mm jack extension cable to connect to the mic jack without having to moving too many things around. Recently I tried recording a few things and saw that only the left channel was getting anything. I did a small test and it does work with the USB plugged in my laptop and no extension cable to jack, but the static feedback is something I didn’t want to deal with in the first place. Is there anyway I can get both channel to record again with my new little setup or am I going to have to revert to my old setup? Note: Beforehand I was always able to get stereo recordings.

Mic-In on the side of a Windows laptop is mono. It’s designed for a mono headset like this.

You can cause Audacity to record in “real” mono which will play to both speakers in a stereo computer system. You’ll get a single sound track, but it will say Mono on the panel at left.


I’m pretty sure your headset microphone is mono… If you record in mono, a mono file will play through both speakers. If you record in stereo, you’ll only get one channel.

Try going to Edit → Preferences → Devices → Recording. Select your mic as the recording device and make sure “1 (Mono)” is selected for that input/device.

After recording, there are ways of downmixing stereo to mono, or copying the audio from one channel into both channels, or copying a mono track into both left & right channels of a stereo track, etc.

Recently I decided to purchase a USB-to-Outlet adapter…

You purchased a what???

and also purchased a 3 foot 3.5mm jack extension cable to connect to the mic jack

How does that work with a USB mic???

Oh! I forgot to mention that I use Turtle Beach Ear Force x11.
Also the USB-to-Outlet adapter is similar to this:

Also the extension cable is because the way the headset is the few wires are short, cause they’d usually be used in a close area, within a few inches. I needed some length in order to be able to work as I am without parking my ass to the wall.

Also Will give the one bit a try, thank you. Will update if it works.

It did indeed work! Thanks for the help. It was just driving me stir crazy that I figured out one problem, but thought I created another. @_@